Which One Is Better Hoop Quilting Or Frame Quilting

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There are already a lot of discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of hoop quilting on blogs, online communities and articles. I plan to get a sewing machine for quilting recently and when I see this topic on a sewing related forum, I am curious as well. Honestly I have no experience with quilting before and I take it for granted that hoop quilting is the best option. In order to find which one is better, I asked my friend who is a quilter and did a search online. My understanding is not in depth, but I think it can give us some ideas of these two types of quilting.

People usually use the frame when they start projects with no basting first. One of the benefits using the frame is there is no need for you to move the quilts because some rollers are given. You just need to put the quilts through and that's all. One disadvantage that people think is its portability. It is not portable so you are unable to carry it to work when you are on the move. Another drawback is you have to wait to finish the current project before you can start a new project.

Compared to the frame, you will have better control with the hoop as it can be easily moved down or up. It can be easily carried as well so you can use it at anyplace you want. There is no need for to bend over anymore with hoop quilting, which you have to if you use the frame. The height of the hoop can be adjusted easily to customize your quilts. In summary, hoop quilting will give you more beautiful and better results.

In my opinion, each of them has its own good points. If your projects need the use of a frame, then just go for it. Your needs decide which one you should use. You can find more quilting tips on www.sewinginsider.com. If you need help for your projects, don't hesitate to visit that website. There are many tutorials available.