Where can I buy kosher sea salt?

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Do you know what kosher salt is?  Kosher salt is a type of salt that is certified kosher grade and quality.  That means that kosher salt is able to be used freely on a kosher diet as well as in many traditional kosher dishes without having to worry about violating this strict diet.  There are many different kinds of kosher salt, but when you are looking to buy kosher sea salt, you want to make sure that it is actually kosher grade and gourmet food quality. 

While there are many imitators of kosher salt, some of the best kinds of sea salt are also kosher grade such as Himalayan sea salt, fleur de sel, black truffle sea salt, red alaea sea salt, sel gris, and black lava Hawaiian sea salt.  These six salts are among the top 6 kosher salts in the world.  When you are looking to buy sea salt, you want to make sure it is one of these 6 kinds.  The best of the six salts is obviously Fleur de Sel, however is is quite costly when compared to the other salts, so much so that it is known as one of the most expensive kosher sea salts that money can buy.