What to Use to Control the Pest around the Home

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Cockroaches around the home will make us feel disgusting. Those bugs are not healthy when they are at home. Besides that, it could be the sign that our home is not as clean as we think. Besides those cockroaches, we also could feel annoyed where the mosquitoes fly around the home. Then, we should do something to make them stay away from our home in day and night. There are several natural remedies which we could try.

How to make the cockroaches go away

We could use cucumber to keep the cockroaches away from home. We could set cucumber slices in the areas where cockroaches are usually active. Besides using cucumber, we could use bay leaves or garlic with the same strategy of the cucumber slices. Then, we could use catnip. It is because the catnip is the natural repellent to the cockroaches. We could set small bags of catnip in the areas where we usually find cockroaches. Otherwise, we could use a small amount of water to catnip. Then, we could spray on the baseboards and behind the counter to avoid the cockroaches to be in that place. When we use catnip, we could make sure that it is safe from the cat. It is better not to use it if we have a cat.

How to make mosquitoes go away

For mosquitoes, we could use marigold flowers. It will give off a fragrance which will bug the mosquitoes. They do not like the small of the marigold flowers. Then, we could plant the flowers around the home. It will ward the mosquitoes. Otherwise, we could use the mixture of garlic juice in the water spray. We could use a spray bottle and make sure we shake it well before we spray it. We could use it to our body for a natural repellent.

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