Weight of School Bag, A Reason For Back Pain?

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Weight of the school bag isn't always associated with back pain, results of a fresh study done in two Pune schools have shown. From among 163 students, who were part of the study, back pain was reported by 88 kids from Standard 7 to 9. While researchers are planning a larger survey and so are in discussions with an increase of schools, this study has found other factors like watching TV for more than an hour daily were among what causes back pain.

Dr Gauri Oak, research adviser with Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Centre stated the scientific world is split over variables leading to back pain in kids.

British Swiss and American studies demonstrate there are. Nonetheless, there's concern among teachers, pupils, parents, in addition to, medical professionals regarding this matter. As well as Jnana Prabhodini Sanshodan Sanstha, research centre and Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital with very few studies on this particular area took up this job to study the prevalence of back pain in schoolchildren and evaluate its association with physical or psychosocial factors in the past year.

Data was collected at Sadashiv Peth at Erandwane and also the other from two English medium schools from Pune – one. Parents of 163 students gave approval for participation. Students filled out 2 questionnaires, one which sought information regarding back pain and physical factors such as mode of transport to school, process of taking schoolbag, harm to back, frequency of sports/exercise tasks in school, and a week’s recall of duration of computer/laptop use and hours spent watching TV (per day). The students’ weights and also weights in their school bags were recorded. We used a standardised screening tool called “Strengths and Problems Survey” for exploring psychosocial factors.

The weights of school bags ranged from 2.2 kg to 15.6 kg, with typical bag weight being 6.1 kg. Back 54% students reported pain.

The weight of school bag was found to have no association with back pain. Back pain was reported with a larger percentage of students watching television for more than one hour a day (58.6% vs 41.4%).

Oak nevertheless said there was an importance of a larger survey and there has been a positive response from schools up to now. After the new academic year starts we'll commence with the following part of the research project, she said at back pain discussion forum.