Various Useful Remedies For Gout

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Gout is a medical condition where the patient experiences the recurrent attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis. It is a very painful experience and should be treated soon. People suffering from gout can use these remedies in order to get relief from their pain.

Cherries should be consumed by the patient on regular basis. These help in getting rid of toxins and also clear out the kidneys. Gout is caused due to the high levels of uric acid present in the body. It has been proven by the studies that by consuming cherries on regular basis, the level of uric acid can decrease up to 15 percent. The antioxidants present in the cherries help in this and also can prevent one from certain cancers.

Apple preserves are also considered to be good for the gout, it help neutralizing the uric acid. Apple preserves taste great and can be consumed by all. Get to know about more remedies for gout by visiting sites like Craysor.

Another helpful remedy is using a mustard powder plaster. Use wheat flour and mustard and mix them well, make a paste by adding some water. Apply some petroleum jelly on the joint and then apply the paste, use a cloth or gauze for keeping it in place for some hours.

Chicory can also be helpful in gout; mostly people have it in their coffee. Fish oil is also a great option for getting rid of inflammation. Thyme tea is also a great remedy for people suffering from gout.