Valentine’s Day: Is the Magic Gone?

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Valentine’s Day has been celebrated by people worldwide for hundreds of years with awesome Valentine’s day decorations, and even after all the time, the holiday continued to be a major holiday for people everywhere. The love filling the air makes some sick, but generally the sense of love warms people’s hearts as they watch people in love or experience love themselves. Modern day Valentine’s Day is a bit different though, as more people choose to remain single and refuse to get married, the question arises, is Valentine’s Day doomed to die? There are many people actively trying to take away the holidays national holiday status as they feel it is a conflict of interest among people with depression who feel that they are more alone on a day mean to be spent with others.

Another argument is the change in relationships found nowadays as more and more young people refuse to settle down and tie themselves down to someone in fear of getting divorced. Marriage has been turned into an analogy for slave hood as both partners are doomed to spend the rest of their lives chained together no matter what they want, at least that’s how they feel. Even with a campaign looking to end Valentine’s Day reign, the holiday continues to go on strong and appears to be faltering for no one.