Ultrasonic Diffuser versus Heat Diffuser

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The essential oil diffuser is the kind of tool that disperses essential oil into the surrounding air. Many different types of diffusers are available in the market nowadays. These are highly in demand, especially by the people who promote healthy living. If you are one of those people who have a natural living lifestyle, then the essential oil diffuser is a tool that you will definitely want to be familiar with.

No matter what kind of diffusers are available in the market, they are all fairly easy to use. There are no complicated steps to take advantage of just to be able to enjoy an at-home or at-work aromatherapy session. There are even those types that you simply have to plug into the wall socket to be able to spread essential oil fragrance into the air. It would be really beneficial for you to know the different types of diffusers so that you can figure out which one is the best to use for your needs.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

Ultrasonic Diffuser versus Heat DiffuserThis is the type of diffuser that takes advantage of electronic frequencies. The electronic frequencies produced by the ultrasonic diffuser is capable of creating vibrations which are then carried to the surface. The surface normally have essential oils floating on it. With the vibrations, the oil will be vaporized. Once the essential oil turns into vapor, it will then be dispersed into the air. There is no need to use any kind of heat when it comes to the ultrasonic diffuser.

Heat Diffuser

Speaking of heat, the heat essential oil diffuser is the type where you will be required heat to disperse the essential oils into the air. With this tool, a heat source should be present. While the heat source can effectively vaporize the essential oil and spread it into the air, the heat produced will actually alter the essential oil's chemistry. Since that is the case, it is not that recommended to use the heat diffuser. The heat essential oil diffuser should only be used if you are planning to just make a room smell good.