Trio-key apartment: Are they worth the hype?

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Film trilogies, Wise Men, blind mice; As the stating goes, advantages been available in threes, so why not a trio-key device? GEM Homes elevated a few eyebrows because of the trio-key devices it supplied at its current launch. Amassing much excitement with an estimated 450 building purchasers registering their interest on its opening weekend break, the 578-unit job is just one of the most prepared for in the private property market, as well as, very searched for among savvy investors.

The Gem Residences … how appropriately called offered the amount of attention it has received

This is rarely shocking. For one, it is rather unusual to witness new launches occurring in fully grown estates such as Toa Payoh (where the condo is situated in). In addition, it is the very location of the growth that makes home viewers screech like excited kids in a candy shop. Condos in Toa Payoh are literally rubies; unusual and also will certainly fetch a high cost. Actually, the last condominium introduced below was the Trevista, completed back in 2011. We can find the Gem Residences location from

While it is reasonable that two and three-bedroom units as it will drew the greatest amount of interest, the show gallery showcases a  trio-key unit types in comparison to the usual two popular ones. Considered to be one property, these types share one major door and also entrance hall, but the primary unit as well as both adjacent workshops each have their very own separate entries and also facilities. 

Floorplan of GEM Residences trio-key unit

At first glance, such a peculiarity may lead one to dismiss the suggestion of buying it completely. Yet we make certain that the developers did place some assumed into this when conceiving the layout. There is worth to buying a trio-key system, just that it takes a bit much more effort as well as creativity to market it to potential lessees or future resale purchasers.