Traditionally Made Incense Sticks

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Incense sticks are rods of incense also called Joss sticks and come from different countries around the world. They are used for many different purposes depending on the country and ingredients used.

Most were used for traditional ceremonies within the temples to create a purifying effect inside atmosphere, which aided meditation. You can also visit to know more about  Incense Sticks.

Incense sticks are that is generated by rolling different recipes of herbs, woods and resins on to a bamboo remain or are pressed kneading the mixtures to create a stick. The kneading method is only pure incense without bamboo stick is employed.

The sticks that make use of the core bamboo remain produces more smoke and possess a less pure scent a result of the burning of the bamboo along with the incense. Whereas the incense sticks without any core bamboo remain produce less smoke and they are purer in the scent.

Japanese sticks make use of the finest of ingredients and possess no core bamboo bedding and sheets stick. They are usually produced using mineral water, wood powder along with scents and pushed by using a nozzle, then lower and dried. High quality Japanese people incense is left to mature for countless years and usually makes use of approximately twenty different components. In several of their incense they use Eagle wood which can be more expensive.