Top 3 Fun Activities to do In Banff, Alberta

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Top 3 Fun Activities to do In Banff, Alberta

If your desire is to get away and seek some outdoors fun and adventure, Banff, Alberta should be your first and final stop. It is a resort town located within the precincts of Banff National Park, and promises a full dose of thrill and adventure with its proximity to hiking, trekking, biking, mountain climbing, skiing, fishing, and picnic hot spots. While at it, you can always take time away from your resort and visit some popular Banff hotels. So what are some of the fun things to do in Banff?

Relaxation and Sports

Banff boasts of a myriad of activities to keep you constantly on your feet. Skiing is a top sport here with the Canadian Rockies being a close neighbor. There are many snow-capped peaks surrounding the town, which serve as perfect ski spots. If you are a beginner skier and eager hit the snow, the Banff Mount Norquay is perfect starting point. It is located in the park, only 10 minutes away from the town. The Sunshine Village and St. Louise Ski Area are ski sites that many experts recommend.  

Nature Trails

During the summer, the warm weather should lure you right into the Vermilion Lakes, east of Banff, along the Trans-Canadian Highway. The serene and spectacular sites around the lakes are perfect picnic spots. What more, you do not have to travel far from the town. If hiking is not your thing, the Banff Gondola has you covered. It will take you on one of the most breathtaking rides to the peaks of Sulphur Mountain. 


Away from the entire outdoors craze, Banff is also home to exquisite hotels, which offer a double dose of serenity and a robust nightlife. The nightlife, especially, has made a name for itself. It does not matter what time of the night you arrive here. There will be a hotel ready to welcome you and upon walking in, you are immediately spoiled for choice between martini bars of the vibrant nightclubs. 

The Fairmont Banff Springs, The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, The Rimrock Resort Hotel, and the Post Hotel & Spa are some of the highest ranked hotels in this town. These and many other Banff hotels offer world-class accommodation facilities, exquisite dishes, and entertainment activities that will keep you there longer. Don't leave Banff before visiting some famous museums such as the Whyte Museum of Canadian Rockies, the Canadian Ski Museum West, and other historical sites.