Tips to Maximize Garage Door Security

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1. Close your garage door. It might seem to be obvious, but often homeowners simply ignore to close their entrance doors or don't think it is a major deal; it's simply a quick visit to the store after all. Nonetheless, it only requires a few minutes to be robbed.

2. Don't leave your door remote out in the open. As illustrated in the real history above, a thief can break right into your vehicle and grab your remote control. Now they get access to your home. When you escape your garage take the remote control with you. If you have any query regarding garage door, you can also mail us at –

3. Get yourself a keychain remote. Much better than hiding your remote control, get the one that is always with you. Most opener manufacturers sell keychain remotes that you may take along with you always. For any less than $20, you can be certain you aren't leaving yourself open and vulnerable to theft.

4. Use rolling code technology. Older openers have security flaws in that a person with a transceiver plus some understand how can park near your home and hold out so that you can use your remote control. When you do, they grab the transmitting and your code.

5. Lock the door. The door leading into your home from the garage should be automatically locked whenever sealed. If for a few justifications a thief does enter your garage, this will be another type of defense. You'll not leave your entry way unlocked and open up for thieves, why leave the door leading in from the garage area?