Things to Consider When Buying Batteries for Your Flashlight

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Batteries are quite important but they could turn out to be useless if the batteries are worn out. It is important therefore to ensure that you carry some batteries with you if your flashlight requires them because you can never tell when you will need them until you are not able to turn on your flashlight. Well, if you choose to buy the latest technology of tactical flashlights, you may not have to worry much about batteries since these flashlights are rechargeable so you do not need batteries.

There are various things you must consider when buying batteries for your flashlight. Two things are very important about a flashlight battery. These are volts and millamps per hour. Volts refer to the amount of power that the flashlight can discharge at a given time when millamps per hour is the total amount of energy that the cell stores. You will need batteries with high volt and low millamps for flashlights.

Another thing you need to consider is whether you require primary or rechargeable batteries. Primary batteries are simply the non-rechargeable batteries. In addition, you will need to consider the battery chemistries. For the non-rechargeable or primary cells, there are two main chemistries, which are alkaline and lithium. For the rechargeable batteries, there are the NiMH and the Li-on chemistries. You will need to know what chemistry your flashlight requires.