The Shih Tzu: Common Health Issues

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Although disease affects all breeds of dog, certain breeds are definitely more prone to certain ailments in comparison to others, due to their unique anatomical structure, genetic make-up, or perhaps other factors. In this post, we will briefly describe one of the most common ailments that affect the Shih Tzu.

Eyes and The ears: Because of the anatomical structure with the Shih Tzu's head, their eyes are specifically vulnerable to being injured. This could be caused by collisions with international objects, encounters with other dogs, rough play, etc. Eye injuries are just about the most avoidable of all ailments of which affect the Shih Tzu which enables it to be prevented to a large degree by providing a safe environment for pet to play in, with special care taken up removal of potentially injurious objects. To learn more about shih tzu feeding schedule for a puppy you can navigate through related sources online.

Shih Tzu should always be supervised when reaching other animals and should disappoint from rough play. Another important preventive measure is to keep the eyes and eye area as clean as you can. Avoid allowing crustiness or dirt to amass. When grooming, it is recommended that this hair covering the eye area be left in a reasonable length as it shields the eyes from dirt and also debris.