The Selfless Guidance Of A Mentor

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A mentor is a person with experience in a certain field of expertise, who agrees to tutor or guide someone to improve his/her craft for the reason that respective field. Generally, the act of mentoring is selfless, anything that the mentor does out of grace for someone else. The mentor is not hired; rather they are available to someone who is actually in need of support.

The relationship is like a teacher to a student. It borrows from the long-standing entrepreneur tradition of a craft guild, in which a master craftsman instructs a journeyman who seeks to learn the mandatory skills of the master’s craft, such as a blacksmith, a silversmith, a horse breeder, a sail mender, or whatever.

The distinction between the two is that in a craft, the skill that is being passed from the master to a journeyman is one which involves the usage of the hands to fashion an item to be sold or to make a work of art.
If you will read freedommentor reviews, you will get to know that sometimes, a master is approached with a stranger, someone who has heard the standing of the master and wants that specific person to mentor him or her. Other times, there’s a natural progression, such as an uncle feeling a tug of the heart to mentor a wayward nephew, or a coach who realizes that one of his ball players originates from a broken family and is needing a father figure beyond what the youth’s family can provide.

Probably the most selfless and somewhat sad version reverses the norm. The mentor is the main one who seeks a student, someone to take up his/her profession or art, a protégé, someone who might follow in the master’s footsteps. The cause is usually a life change for the master, a sudden lack of employment, an unexpected geographic move, a real impairment, or impending death.