The Advantages of Pressure Relieving Mattresses

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Pressures relieving mattresses and other correlated cushioning products have been in the news for years now. In fact, they were settled originally by NASA to keep astronauts relaxed during their long space flights, and when they first came out they inclined to be quite expensive.Latex cushion is non-allergenic and was designed for optimal breathability and comfort for stomach and back sleepers.

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Even so, while they still do tend to cost more than standard mattresses, reasonably speaking, that difference in cost has become considerably narrower over the past couple of decades. This is turn has led to an ever-increasing number of hospitals and care homes in the US, Canada, and the UK to switch over entirely.

Now the first advantage that these state of the art mattresses have over even the best quality standard mattress is coziness. The pressure relieving products use what's called memory foam. Now memory foam is the material that was developed by the US space program and it is a truly startling material.

In simple terms, memory foam gives-way to pressure from your body when you lay on it. It actually forms to the precise shape of your body, such that no any one area is under more pressure that any others, so the end result is that the weight of your body is distributed evenly.

You just get a better night's sleep because you aren't mixing and turning trying to find a position that you're comfortable in. In fact, the words that are most usually used to describe the effect, is that you just seem to melt right into it.