Buying New Furniture After a Move

The Job Offer

My recent promotion came with a relocation, which was completely welcome. My husband and I have been aching to move to a bigger city for some time now and this promotion has given us the chance to live out that dream. Once the position was offered, I immediately said yes. The company, of course, is paying for our moving fees. They are not, however, helping us pack up our belongings. Our current house has been our prime residence for the past five years. It is amazing how much stuff two people can accumulate in that amount of time. We struggled with what to leave and what to bring. We brought most of it, including our five-year-old furniture.

The Move, or How We Learned to Buy New Items

We made it safe and sound to our new home. Now, the fun really begins. While unpacking the moving truck I had a revelation, why not start fresh. This is something I should have thought of before we trekked our furniture hundreds of miles but better late than never. We stored our old furniture in the garage and set out to buy new. The first thing I wanted was to find a quality mattress on sale. Not only did I find a wonderful mattress sale, but I also found a furniture store liquidating their inventory. Needless to say, our new home is now really new thanks to refurnishing the whole thing!

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