Significance Of Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the most important phase of womanhood; one has to become more caring and responsible. During pregnancy a whole new human being is developing inside your body due to which your body is in the need of all the essential nutrients. Mother needs to have a good meal as she has to feed her growing fetus also.

One should consult maternal fetal specialist like Dr Gilbert Webb to understand the significances of a healthy diet during pregnancy. The diet should be planned in such a way that it contains all the nutrients which are needed by the baby. Poor eating habits can result into various unwanted medical conditions or even create complications in the pregnancy.

A Woman has to face leg cramps, constipation, anemia, mood swings and pre-eclamsia due to lack of nutrients. So, a proper diet is essential, physicians also recommend nutritional supplements to pregnant woman to balance the need of nutrition of the mother and the baby both. The likes and dislike of mother in eating habits affect their baby also.

The body of the baby and the intelligence both get affected by the eating habits of the mother during the pregnancy. A pregnant lady needs to consume nutrients like vitamins, iron, zinc, folic acid, calcium, protein, etc. Folic acid prevents baby from most of the spinal cord and neurological brain disorders.