Several Types of Overhead Cranes

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A crane is usually a mechanical gauge required for heavy duty work. It is used when large, heavy objects are necessary to be moved from one spot for a another. It finds its applications mainly at construction sites but doubles for other purposes such as junkyards, scrap yards, factories along with such areas. Cranes consist regarding three major parts – hoist, wire and sheaves. You can also visit to get more information about overhead cranes.

Overhead cranes can be of many types according to their need and usage. Given underneath are various types of cranes:

Bridge Cranes

Bridge cranes are installed with metal beams that run across the ceiling of the room from the factory or warehouse. It needs two strong beams for the sides, a trolley which travels from it and carries the load or a hoist, which is needed to be able to lifting and lowering the things. These types of cranes can be again of two types.

Leading running bridge cranes: These cranes run on the top of the beams. This requires a relatively good space above the beams for the easy movement of the crane. The installation have to be planned as the rooms demand higher ceilings. These cranes are stronger and may lift very heavy objects. They could be of single girder (which can lift lighter weights, up to 20 tons) or maybe double girders (which can pump iron up to 100 tons).