Save Money on Property Insurance

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The best way to save the most amount of money each year on property insurance is shop the coverage. Insurance companies do not care about policy holder loyalty. They only care about the premium payments. Visit to know about the property insurance schemes.

After the most damaging storm in U.S. many adjustors were sent to the Gulf region to review and adjust damaged homes and commercial buildings. Adjustors found that the majority of all claims were covered under wind peril, standard coverage in dwelling policies along with Special and Broad Form commercial policies. After Like a Good Neighbor realized the total dollar amount of assessed damages they were responsible to pay out, they hired independent adjustors to review the claims again with the directive of indicating damage was caused by water, not covered under any policy.

After denying the submitted claims along the Gulf Coast, furious home owners and business owners took Like a Good Neighbor to court. Mississippi State Supreme Court found that Like a Good Neighbor was guilty of wrongfully denying covered claims for 100,000's policy holders, not only in Mississippi but also Alabama and Louisiana. Like a Good Neighbor was forced to pay for the damaged property, along with, the additional expenses incurred by all the claimant policyholders costing the insurer millions of dollars in extra expenses.