Relationship Counseling – It Is Going To Take Both Of You Participating To Work Things Out

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If you require a wonder worker, a counselor definitely won't be much help to you.

Counselors can't perform wonders and magically make your relationship perfect. They can only act as a liaison between both partners and listen to what you each have to say, and depending on what you have both told them (separately so that as a couple), suggest an alternative that may help mend the relationship.

You're not in a competition with your spouse to see which one of you is right and what type is wrong, that isn't the goal of you discovering a counselor. You can also consult Relationship therapist North Vancouver, BC at

If you go into counseling with that attitude, that is most likely the initial order of business the counselor will work on. A counselor's role, in many ways, and according to the severity of the problem, is simply to help both of you remove the barriers to communication you've both put up.

Once the communication barriers are remove, they can help rebuild a relationship that has a foundation of harmony.

Simply because you both are learning new communication strategies, and that itself will create some stress for each of you. However, do not excessively worried; as you work through the counseling, you may pass this stage and thing will start improving.