Reasons to Buy Haier Portable Air Conditioner

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haier portable air conditioner reviewsPortable air conditioner is the best solution for those who cannot install common window air conditioner at their residence/apartment due to any regulation in there. Today, many electronic brands have manufactured portable air conditioner. Market has been crowded with these products which make you confuse to choose one. If you still confuse, why don't you try Haier brands. I will mention a few reasons why you should buy Haier portable air conditioner.

- Affordable. For approximately $300, you already can have Haier unit in your home. You can get this unit for $200 in clearanse sale if you're lucky. Not only affordable, Haier portable air conditioner also offers high durability. You can use it on daily basis to cool your home during summer season.

- Convenient size. It is small enough to put in small bedrooms, it's only around 2 feet tall, 1,5 feet wide, and a foot deep. Its compact size make it easy to move from one room to another. Moreover, the unit is also equipped with castor wheels for easy movement.

- Reliable thermostat with digital display. Digital display make it easy for the user to see the current temperature and the target temperature that has been set before. Users can set the temperature using remote control provided. With a 24hrs timer, they can also set it to shut down automatically at the set time before they go to sleep.

- Quiet operation. Most of Haier portable ACs are featured with quiet operation. Users can set it on while doing their daily activities like watching TV or listening music. The white noise comes out from the unit will not disrupt their activities. There are 3 fan speeds with many options of cooling power available. Users can choose an unit with the right BTU size for their home cooling need.

Cooling any room is getting easier when you use portable air conditioner. You can switch it on in the living room and when the weather is hot, you can move it easily to comfort you in your bed at night. The compact size and light weight of the unit will make it possible to do this without much effort. Haier has fulfill their clients demands on affordable and convenient cooling unit. These Haier portable air conditioner are perfect for those who suffer dust allergy.