Reason Behind Popularity OF Indian Incense Sticks

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Indian incense sticks made by preparing a mixture of wood powder, some oil, water and incense. After that the mixture is applied around a lean wooden stick. Traditionally resins, woods and herbs were used to prepare the mixture. Some incense sticks are also made using synthetic scents like musk. If you do not know how to burn incense then you can read online tutorials.

The incense sticks in earlier times were handmade and were traditionally used in spiritual medicine. For this purpose, they handpicked the ingredients to bring balance. The main use of incense sticks has been for different cultures and beliefs. It is believed that the smoke which arises when incense sticks are burned carries one's prayers to the God.

Other purposes regarding the use of incense sticks are air purification, masking off smells which are unpleasant, making the surrounding environment peaceful, and many others. With the advancement in technology, there have been some changes in the manufacturing process of incense sticks.

A number of biotic materials which are used in its making include seeds, barks, leaves, charcoal, flowers etc. Also, few essential herbal oils, gums, resins and aromatic chemicals are being used. Depending on the type of ingredients used, incense sticks could be classified as sandalwood incense sticks, bridal flowers incense sticks etc.