Real Estate Mentoring Program

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The right mentor can provide you with lots of information, useful ideas, and encouragement. He or she can actually mean the difference between your success and your mediocrity as a business person. Finding the appropriate program means that you are required to find someone who will:

Honor his or her commencement. Your mentor should be able to see you on a frequent basis over a specific period of time, generally nine months to a year. Ask whether your mentor can assure least weekly, biweekly, or monthly meetings for this period of time. In-person meetings are best, though telephone or e-mail communication can also be very useful. You can read freedom mentor reviews via various websites.


Be positive. A good mentor should be responsible, supportive, dependable, and faithful. He or she should have logical expectations about your accomplishments, but should be flexible and consistent.


He or she should motivate you to be your best and should even push you a little bit beyond your comfort levels. He or she should be willing to listen and should be flexible enough to accept modifications in your business plans. Be wary of the mentor who is negative or too rigid in their plans.