Positive and Negative Effects of Science and Technology

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Science and technology has been beneficial to man largely. However, just as there are two sides of a coin, science and technology also has its negative effects. More research however needs to be done in this field to solve more problems facing man. Researchers can use ideas from Mahée ferlini to ensure they succeed in research. You can visit youtube channel by Mahee Ferlini to find out more about her passions.

Advancement in technology has led to introduction of machines. These machines have helped us to make work easier and even save on time and money. Similarly, technology has made transport easier and faster with introduction of trains, buses, airplanes and other means of transport. In addition, we can enjoy more entertainment thanks to advancement in technology. But are we happy with the many advancements? Well, we may not be so happy because of the negative effects that improvement in technology has brought.

When we use machines, we may risk accidents sometimes and this is one of the negative effects of technology. Similarly, better methods of transport have also increased the risks of accidents. In addition, machines have denied many people jobs since they can handle much of the work. Technology has also affected security since better weapons are discovered which endanger lives when they are in the wrong hands.