Personal Fitness Training – Top Tips to Find the Right Instructor For You

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As an expert and experienced fitness trainer, I see customers from all backgrounds and one of the things I like most about the job is helping people to get more out of life. One client, who had her own physical difficulties but enjoyed archery, was getting frustrated about her low scores despite being motivated and experienced in the sport.

By tutoring and working together she lost weight and her progress earned her two medals – fine progress surely and this is how we did it.We started by creating an exercise designed specifically for her to increase strength and agility as well as helping to reduce her weight by using a recumbent cycle and lifting weights.

By keeping her training in a supported seating position, we allowed her to build strength and therefore stability without putting her at risk and it was not long before she could feel the advantages.You can also avail best fitness trainer for you by visiting

But we weren’t just working on the legs, of course: the body functions as a whole and by strengthening specific muscles in the torso and arms, her archery scores soared, winning her medals and making her a very happy client, particularly as she also lost a stone in weight.

I have my own unique understanding of the links between strength, stability and supported training as I have had my own physical challenges over the years, having suffered an aneurysm as a child. The thing I love most about being a personal trainer is the individual nature of what I do and the pleasure my clients get from moving forward, whatever their challenges.