New Way of Calculating Auto Insurance Policy Prices

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Fully understanding how exactly auto insurance companies come up with the final prices is never easy as they use a much larger formula that what we're about to explain but the concept is this. To get all of the personal info on the driver and compare it with the people who are or were policy holder. You can go through get more details about auto insurance policies prices.

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 Finding similarities based on age, gender, location, marital status, and the car they drive, occupation etc. is the key as the final part is associating and calculating the risk. That said Progressive auto has come up with a brand new way of calculating these that will no longer take into considering the driving and claim history of other drivers that might be similar to you on paper.

Ready for the revolution of the auto insurance market? Great then, sit back and make yourself comfortable while we explain the features of Pay as you driver program that was created by a big auto insurance company with tons of experience on the market. Progressive auto developed a method that uses the collection and judging real time data of the policy holders driving skill and habits to come up whit the auto insurance policy price.

Anyone can participate in the Pay as you driver program by simply installing a device called Snapshot to the car's OBD – II port and letting it do all the work.