Mix Patterns In Men Clothing – How?

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Suits needn't always be black-on-black or worn in solid colors with a patterned tie. Try wearing a checkered tie with a striped shirt. You can mix patterns with your suits or for casual attire. In order to look refined and in fashion, learn the basics first. Then, upgrade and break the principles to look fearlessly modern.

Choose the Same Pattern

To prevent optical overload or even a bad clash, pair stripes with stripes and plaids with plaids when mixing patterns. Try a pinstripe suit paired with a striped T-shirt. If you're a new comer to mixing patterns, begin having an accessory such as a polka dot tie worn over a polka dot shirt. Wear floral during spring and summertime, and choose an edgy graphic print in fall and winter. Avoid wearing a routine over a problem area as this can accentuate it.  I would like to suggest that you can try Off White C/o Virgil Abloh Mens Eye Of T-shirt for a change.

Size Matters

vary the widths and sizes of patterns to avoid appearing "too matchy." The key pattern must certainly be 20% to 30% larger than the other patterns. Choose one piece a tie, jacket, overcoat or shirt as the main focus of the outfit and have another patterns complement this piece by being smaller in size. If wearing polka dots, avoid appearing cartoonish in anything beyond a quarter of an inch, and make sure that each piece comes with a small pattern.