Know more about Le-Vel Thrive

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Le-Vel Thrive is a multi-level marketing firm that was founded in 2013 by three direct sales industry veterans: Jason Camper, Justin Rouleau and Paul Gravette. The corporations’s official name is Le-Vel Brands LLC. It is basically located in Frisco in Texas. Lots of people all over the globe are joining this venture because it offers various benefits. Le-Vel Thrive offers 20% retail commission on all retail sales along with a sponsorship tree where an individual will earn retail commission for 3 levels down in the network. It basically delivers 4 core products:

1. Thrive W– These are basically multi-vitamins that are exclusively designed for women. The key ingredients in them are vitamin A, B1, B3, B2,B6,B5, B12,Chromium, D3, selenium and vanadium.

2. Thrive M – These multi vitamins are basically designed for men. It also has same ingredients as in Thrive W. These health pills basically give you joint support, inflammation support and lean muscle support.

3. Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix – These are basically protein powder that has 14 serving in each tub. You can easily add them in your smoothies to enjoy various health benefits.

4. Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT – These are basically Derma Fusion Technology skin patches that are generally used by people who wish to reduce excess weight and want to boost their metabolism.