Is Investing In Sturdee Residences A Good Idea?

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sturdee residencesSturdee residences, which is a new development on sturdee road is fast becoming popular among investors both in Singapore and from its neighboring countries. If you are an investor who is considering investing in sturdee residences, then it may well prove to be a wise decision given that there would be huge demand for rental condo units in the area due to its city fringe location. This would mean continued occupancy for you as a landlord which would help you to quickly recover your initial investment.

It is close to central business district as well as sport hub and many other popular locations. The condos themselves are designed to the highest architectural standards guaranteeing you of luxury living in every unit. Each unit gets its own privacy making it ideal for families of all sizes.

For booking details and to view a sturdee residences showflat before doing anything else, you may want to visit newlaunchprojects-sg and see what special offers may be available for you if you decide to book early. It would be important for you to take early action as demand for condo units is high among investors, and many developers do not even bother doing much with regards to marketing and advertising as they know their units would sell anyway.