Importance of GPS Watches

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Watches with GPS facility are in great demand these days. These watches are very popular amongst athletes, hikers and bikers for tracking their location and time. These watches can also be used for navigation and marine operations. The various advantages of GPS watches are:-

1. Heart Rate Monitoring – These days GPS watches come with Heart Rate Monitors so you can measure your heart rate in addition to your speed, distance and time. This feature is very common these days in GPS watches. The Garmin Forerunner 405 and Timex Global Trainer, both offer this option.

2. GPS Transmitter – These days GPS device is included in the watch which makes the watch look immense and less suited for everyday use. It does have more features however such as Longitude and Latitude coordinates.

3. Target Distance Alerts – You can set the watch to alert you when you have covered an exact distance in the particular speed and time.  You can also read my reviews on these watches via

These watches come in many different shapes and sizes. There are some watches for kids which are designed according to the cartoon characters and are very popular. These watches are very colorful as well. These watches can help you to keep a track of children and make sure that they are secured.