How To Make The Most Out Of Your Three Day Sailing Holiday In Athens

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In three days, you can get the most and see the best attractions while on a sailing holiday in Athens. You can explore the most antiquated ruins, visit historical museums, and feel the vibe of an ancient city that is so fast paced and able to keep up with the latest trends in modernization. There are also lots of interesting places where you can unwind and enjoy a day in peace like the National Gardens and the very prominent Syntagma or the Constitution Square.

Here is a short itinerary of how you can make the most out of your three day sailing adventure in Athens.

Day 1: Constitution Square (Syntagma)

The Constitution Square (Syntagma) is huge and covers an area of over 25,000 square meters. It is always lively, joyful, and worth to sit in one of the cafes watching the world go by. This place was named after the constitution granted by the king of Greece Otto I of Wittelsbach in 1843. It was the scene of crucial events in the centuries and where major events occurred. The visit to Syntagma Square is complemented by a visit to the Greek parliament building (the old Royal Palace) and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier (built in 1932). 

Day 2: National Gardens

The gardens are really well kept and if after a day of heat and chaotic atmosphere of the city you want to take a bit of fresh air and quiet then come in. The park offers different types of plants and there are many benches where you can rest or have a good read. It is an ideal place to relax after visiting the city. The grounds are kept very well; combines nature and love of art (in the park are scattered numerous statues). Do not miss if you like walking quietly and snapping happy memories!

Day 3: Agora

This archaeological site is worth a visit and one of the best preserved structures about the time of Hephaestus in Athens. It was built of Pentelic marble before the Parthenon between 444 and 449 BC and fully complies with the architecture of a temple periptero (hexastyle) with thirteen columns on the long sides.