How To Increase Muscle Growth

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Without doubt, all the bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts always look for ways to increase their body strength and muscle powers. Muscle building is very useful for our overall health development. It helps to improve balance, improve blood sugar levels, improve mental health and reduce chances of falling.

Here are some tips which can point you in right direction:

Drink enough fluids: Do you know that slightest dehydration can also affect your physical fitness and ability. Your muscles contain 65-70% of water, it is important for you to add plenty of fluids in your diets.

You will have to work on your calorie intake. Rather than having 3 big meals divide your daily calories into 5 or 6 small portions for each day. Every meal should have proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the following proportion:

20 to 30% Proteins,

10-20% Fats,

60-70% Carbohydrates,

Choose the healthiest foods: eat chicken, fresh vegetables, eggs, pulses, fruits and fish. All these foods are rich source of proteins and vitamins that are required for our body to develop good stamina. There are many nutritional supplements that promote good health and also help to boost muscle growth. The supplements like power testro have gained much popularity in recent time. There has been no power testro scam found so we can say that this product is safe to use.  

Sodium is very useful mineral that gets lost while sweating. You can consume canned food and eat nutritional supplements to increase your sodium intake.