How To Groom Jack Russell Terrier

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The Jack Russell Terrier breed has a double coat of thick hair that requires a lot of care. Rather to care monthly or in few days, this breed requires frequent care on daily basis. They are also referred as Parson Russell Terrier, because these dogs have rough, smooth or broken coats. The rough-coated or lengthy haired Jack Russell terrier has longer tresses and it also includes surplus trace hair on its head, legs, entire body and face. However, the long haired Jack Russell Terrier requires some grooming in order to look the best on their counterpart. Here are various methods for you to use to groom your canine.

Even there are various people who are not aware about grooming process. So for them there are special grooming sites such as which helps you to let you know more about different grooming process.


Brushing is one of the most dynamic features of grooming a long haired Jack Russell Terrier. Its main aim is to help the dog grow and to become water repellent. You can start this activity by combing your dog's whole body with a wide-toothed comb. If your dog blows its coat, then you can involve in daily brushing activity using a slicker brush. This kind of brush is made up a rubber cushion rooted with metal pins that is very helpful in removing the undercoat hairs soon as they become loose.


This type of breeds also requires a little trimming. You can trim their slack hair using blunt scissors. However, it’s better to avoid trimming.