How to File for Divorce in PA Without a Lawyer

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One great advantage of living in Pennsylvania is that this state does not require married couples to hire a lawyer if they want to file for divorce in PA . That saves you a lot of money since a considerable amount of cash is spent on lawyers’ fees. However, since you only have a cursory knowledge about the legalese of divorce procedures, you still need to use the services of a consulting firm with lawyers who can draw up your divorce agreement.

Just follow these simple steps if you want to know how to file for divorce in PA:

  1. Write your divorce complaint.This form can be requested from the court or from an online company offering this service. If your previous partner consents to the divorce, you can use the ‘mutual consent’ approach.
  2. File the original and two copies of your divorce complaint with the court of the county you are residing, or where your spouse is living.
  3. Give a copy of this complaint to your spouse. This should be done using an official mail service and within 30 days from your filing.
  4. If there is a child to support, compute the amount using the Support Guideline Computation of the state.
  5. Waif for the 90-day imposed by PA for a divorce by mutual consent.