How to Detect Sciatica

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The sciatic nerve is located at the base of your backbone, near your tailbone. It runs through the buttocks & down the back of the thigh, all the way down through the foot. This is the longest nerve present in the body, & a lot of conditions can basically put stress on it, leading to extreme back pain. Simple things like unsuitable furniture, or even sitting on your wallet long can irritate the nerve.  This stress can lead to compression of the sciatic nerve, leading to a condition called sciatica.

The pain that results from the impingement of the sciatic nerve can be excruciating, & can lead to debilitation in worst case scenarios. However, there are plenty of aches & pains associated with sciatica that are not as extreme, & can be properly treated. A cautious examination at progressive spine and sport center is necessary to properly diagnose the signs, & come up with the right solution. The doctor will ask you for your earlier medical history, the period & frequency of the pain, in case you have had earlier sciatic episodes, even in case you are using the proper posture & back support. Some people with chronic illnesses such a diabetes are more predisposed to have sciatic issues than others, so make positive your complete medical history is widely known.