How to Add Fields in Your Fillable PDF Forms

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Many people need to add fields in their fillable PDF forms once they have created and opened it in Acrobat Pro or X Standard. In order to add fields in those fillable PDF forms, they should follow certain steps as discussed below –


The creators may be restricted from adding any field if their PDF security is on. However, they need to choose File and go to properties in the Security Tab. If it showing ‘No Security’ and there doesn’t have any type of digital signature for locking the file, then it is already set. Otherwise, they need to change it.

By Choosing File – Create – PDF Form/ Online Form, you may get a dialog box for creating or editing form. You may be asked few questions for creating fillable form fields.

For any selected existing file, you may have other options like scanning, running OCR to convert it into text or images and add fields as per requirements.


For adding fields, you are not required to open a PDF file as in Acrobat, it is possible to open particular supported file formats based on the platforms like Microsoft Word doc and then convert them into PDF format. After that you can start your editing process.

In course of performing the next step of this process, depart from the selected Current Document. There is also another option as you can choose another existing file from the system to convert it into PDF. From File System, you can choose Import a File and then click Browse so that you are able to see the supported file formats.

Go for Next and then you will get a dialog box indicating that fillable form fields can be created if required. Now Acrobat enters into form editing mode that you need click.

Once you detect the fields, it is time to enter into form editing mode as the PDF is already taken place into the form editing mode. Moreover, the workspace tools are modified and the detected PDF is placed where Acrobat finds suitable. Here you can notice that in the toolbars, there are some quick tools for the form fields such as radio buttons, checkboxes and more. You can also see the right corner task pane includes ‘Task’ and ‘Fields’. Once the fields were detected, you could find them in the Fields area. However, by scrolling down to the Document window, you can get to see the boxes that represent the fillable form fields that are added by Acrobat.