How Do Burglar Alarm Works?

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Burglar alarms have become common equipment in stores, businesses and also in homes. When you shop for home security system then there is variety of options available for you. But all systems are built around the same basic design. The basis security alarm system has a control panel, a keypad, a siren, access monitors and off-site control station. These features are suitable for simple home protection against burglars but some people may include advanced features such as glass break detectors, panic buttons and smoke detection system.

If an alarm occurs at your home then the alarm panel will immediately operate telephone lines and send a digital signal to the central station. Station will identify your location with the help of unique account number which is programmed in your alarm panel and will also verify if the alarm is real. You can know more about the working of alarms by browsing on web.

Central station operator will then call at the location to contact the alarm user. If one answers the call then the operator will ask about the pass-code and if it matches then they will not send any authority. But if no one answers the call or person answering give wrong pass-code then authorities dispatch immediately. But the alarm that occurs is fire alarm or panic alarm, and then the operator will not verify the alarm and will send authorities immediately.