How can I get a bad credit loan?

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The commercial that show banks all friendly and willing to help are just that: commercial. Whenever you want to get a bad credit loan, choose your financial institution very carefully: based on the recommendations of friends and family. Sometimes, it’s worth paying the extra price to be treated like a king and have the job done faster.

Call the specialists. Loan brokers are your friends. They live on the commission of the bank and you can even end up having a loan at a much better interest rate compared to the one that you get when going directly to the bank. Beware, some of these brokers work with only 2-3 banks and will try to convince you to take the credit from the bank that give them the highest commission and not the one which is most advantageous to you. Otherwise, they are very good as a source of information and can save you many headaches.

Do your homework properly. Build a solid file and make sure it includes all documents needed and do not make any changes in them. Do not delete or change data to appear more creditworthy. First of all, doing that is illegal, and second, if you were found out, you can be reported to the Credit Bureau and lose the right to apply for another loan for the next 4 years. Do not think you can convince loan officers to let you skip any document which is normally required to get a loan. Nobody's going to make such a favor, and no one would risk losing their job just to satisfy the convenience of a client.

When you meet with the loan officer, no formal wear is required. Just make sure you don’t show up looking like a total mess. Wear something casual and comfortable but something that also imposes trust and respect.