How a Lawyer Can Help If You Are Falsely Accused

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Why a Person Would Falsely Accuse Someone for a

Criminal Offense and How Accused Person Can Fight Such False Accusation?

boutique law firmHave you been falsely accused for a criminal offense that you are not aware of? If so, then there could be several different reasons why someone might try to falsely accuse you for something you did not do. As such, we will look at some of the common reasons people try to falsely accuse another person and what steps you and your lawyer can take against such charges.

What a person can do if he or she is falsely accused?

Oftentimes, some people lie to enforcement authorities and make false allegations against another person. There could be many different reasons why someone will try to false accuse a person. Some reasons for such false accusation would include:

  • Revenge
  • For removing a partner or spouse from house
  • For improving one's position during a custody or divorce proceeding
  • In an attempt to put blame on another person for the crime committed by complainant

What you should do if falsely accused of committing a crime?

The first thing you should do is hire a competent boutique law firm to take up your case so that you have best possible representation in the court. Next you will have to look into proper documentation of details which will help in proving you not guilty of the offense. Such documentation should normally include details such as:

  • Emails, voice mail and text messages
  • Letters, videos and pictures
  • Receipts and financial documents
  • Personal notes about any type of contact with complainant or recollection of all the events which had occurred

What if you are found not guilty?

Even if you are found not guilty or in case the complainant withdraws charges, you and your boutique law firm will have to take steps to prove your innocence. To accomplish this task it will be necessary to collect evidences which will help in establishing the fact that complainant lied to legal authorities, evidences were fabricated or false evidences were given to court. For succeeding in this task of evidence collection you and your lawyer will have to rely on documents such as statements given to police, records you had kept and evidence provided during the trial (court certified transcripts).

Steps to Take After Proving Innocence

After it is proved that the accusations were false, you may well decide to file criminal charges against the complainant. Based upon particular circumstances of your case, it will be possible for you and your boutique law firm to bring in several charges against the accuser. Some of those charges would include:

  • Charges for false statements
  • Perjury
  • Charges for fabricating evidences
  • Public mischief
  • Charges for providing contradictory evidences
  • Charges for obstructing justice

A Final Note

Thus to conclude it can be said that it is certainly possible to fight false criminal accusations levied against you. But to succeed, you will have to take help of experienced lawyers so that all the necessary details can be taken care of and you have a strong position in the case.