Help To Overcome Claustrophobia

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Any phobia causes needless discomfort, some more so than others. To suffer from a phobia means to encounter abject fear in certain circumstances. In the case of claustrophobia, this means that small or enclosed spaces are what compose those elements.

Each person will encounter their fear in their own unique way. Some people who suffer from claustrophobia just cannot find a way in which to sit in the back seat of a car whilst others couldn't sit in a car at all. Other claustrophobia sufferers feel just fine in a car but are critically affected in rooms where they cannot find a seat close to the exit, such as in a theater, cinema, church or auditorium.

Various people have different triggers to their phobia. But no matter what those triggers are the resulting feeling is that of embarrassment and fear. The degree of which this is felt is also unique to the person. Some people simply cannot do certain things, like get onto an airplane or into a car. Others can make themselves do it, albeit with heart pounding and breaking out in a cold sweat.In order to get more information on this you can navigate to

Logic tells the phobia sufferer that there is no need to be afraid, that they should feel fine and that there is nothing scary about these spaces and places. But logic and emotional experience seem to have the same inability to blend together as does oil and water.