GPS Technology for Efficient Fleet Management

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GPS technology is now available for civil use after being used for military purposes. This technology has now become the part of today’s life as a useful tool for navigation in unknown places. GPS technology is an essential thing to consider when you need to control the entire fleet of vehicles and make the difference between failure and success for business operating vehicle fleets.

Businesses that include huge amount of vehicle cannot underestimate the importance of GPS vehicle tracking systems of ZenduIT when it comes to saving costs.  Fleet owners have to tackle a lot of problems related to vehicles and employees on regular basis. What makes their task even worse is that your employees often work out of your direct control because they work remotely.  Here is the list of problems a fleet manager faces:

  • Employees working remotely often take benefits of company’s vehicles at company’s expenses
  • Driver’s improper behavior often leads to mishappenings which is dangerous for vehicles and driver as well
  • Drivers usually waste fuel consumptions which is harmful for the environment
  • Growing prices of fuel
  • Risk of theft of assets and expensive vehicles
  • On the unknown places, drivers make the mistakes of choosing the longest routes to reach out to their destination
  • Customers demanding as much information as possible regarding their order status.