Getting Trendy with Teal Formal Dresses

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With a wealth of choice for your bridesmaid dresses in your local bridal boutique and on the online websites, it's easy to feel spoiled. There are so many options to go with when you order your dresses along with a wealth of colors and optional extras. The main theme for trendy teal formal dresses is to go for a unique and personal touch for the dresses. This often means getting a standard dress from your chosen designer and then altering or adding to the dresses when they arrive in store with your seamstress to put your unique and individual stamp to the gowns and make them your own and suited to your wedding. This could mean adding a colorful bow, adding lace, brooches or jewellery. It could mean adding little hats or tiaras or even birdcages to your bridesmaids hair, why not look into gloves or sparkly bangles?

One of the most interesting ways to get trendy with teal formal dresses is to alter the length or skirt style. Most dresses come with a full length plain skirt as standard, why not put an elegant slit in the side and maybe a chiffon layer underneath, or hem them into a short dress. To make the dress quirky you could go for boots for your bridesmaids or even knee length socks, there are so many options to alter the dresses and make them super trendy, the only thing stopping you is your imagination.