Famous Joint Ventures That Work

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All around our economy, we find signs of successful joint ventures. Look in the paper. View it. Find it on billboards and advertisements. The most famous JV's have applied a big influence on our society, our economy, together with technological developments.

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In America, and in most advanced nations on earth where the authorities has great influence and regulation over mergers and acquisitions, businesses find that joint ventures are a fantastic way to join forces without the rigorous government supervision. Below are some of the examples of joint ventures and the results almost every day you see.

Japanese electronics giant, Sony, has been a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, including communications, and audio, video, for decades. Along with their established manufacturing pervasiveness, Sony has had a worldwide marketing dominance in all their products, including motion pictures and music records.

With all their marketing expertise, they still wanted an innovative technology specialist to develop a marketing relationship. You can also look for small business lawyer for your business success by clicking right over here.

Enter the Swedish technology pro, Ericsson. Ericsson specialized in developing advanced telecommunications equipment for mobile networks. In 2001, Ericsson and Sony teamed up in a 50-50 joint venture known worldwide as Sony Ericsson to develop and create their brand that was advanced as the most alluring and dominant in the cellular handset industry.