Facetime For PC And Android

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Is Facetime For PC The Best Of Its Kind?

Its common for people to use facetime on a dailly bases since this app is without a doubt the best of its kind. People love using facetime over other similar apps because facetime offers features other apps dont have. Facetime has lots of features other apps do not have which is why facetime for pc has been taking over the market. Some features that are offered by facetime includes contact integration, battery efficiency, and great quality. Those three aspects has mde facetime one of the most popular apps so far.

Facetime For Android Compatibility

However there is one drawback of this app which is the compatibility. Yes, this great app can only be used by people who possess apple products hence this is why people that are using IPad or IPhone, we will get the opportunity to use this app. However, another platform such as PC or android will not able to use this app because of the compatibility issue. The developer of this app has announce that they will not release the facetime for android and facetime for PC without giving the reason. This can be a troublesome for people who are looking for the best service in video calling but do not have any apple devices. The compatibility issue can also hamper us to communicate with each other where we must have apple device in order to communicate with our friends that have apple devices. This is why Facetime for android and facetime for PC are something that must be released by the developer since there is no harm in doing it. We surely don’t want to be isolated with apple device’s users only where we want to communicate with others that do not have any apple devices hence launching Facetime for android and facetime for PC are truly a must.