Eyesight and Vision Cure With Quantum Vision Program

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Quantum Vision Program

 The titles include:  "How to Improve Your Vision Naturally", "Vision for Life", “Eyesight and Vision Cure" and "Living without Glasses".   Amazon offers a number of ebooks that cost nothing and provide the kinds of well-established eye exercises that can help vision.   Even easier, you can just click this link and find four eye exercises described by a qualified optometrist. Sure enough, the Quantum Vision hawkers call their video a "shocking presentation" that the "eye care industry does not want you to see".  These kinds of offerings generally like to tout that their information is controversial and contains information that Big Pharma, Big Brother or some other such authority is trying to keep from you.    And they use all of the marketer-driven catch words: "revolutionary", "greedy", "quantum" (medical snake-oil salesman love to use that term even though it is meaningless).  

The testimonials offered in the video do not offer the full names or backgrounds of the individuals who are touting the product in very terse, well-crafted and well-lighted videos. It's a textbook snake oil pitch!   From what we can tell, this pitch is essentially a variation on the century-old "Bates Method" of eye exercises.  You don't have to spend $37 for Quantum Vision Program to get information about how to improve your vision. These are posted online for free.