Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane For Cooling The Entire House

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Ducted AC Brisbane is the latest technique. In this system, the environment conditioner or the heat pump are fitted on the roof of your house or may be under the floor. The ducted conditioning Brisbane transmits the air present in your room to the air conditioner, and the same is then either heated or cooled for keeping the indoor temperature stable. In this method, one unit is sufficient for air-conditioning all rooms. For airflow from air conditioner through ducting, air vents are fitted in the ceiling or floor. So one unit is sufficient to cool your entire house.

Ducted conditioning is also possible to install in the multi-story house. For installing the ducted conditioner in a multi-story house, one has the choice of two or more smaller units. Otherwise, the one has to install the duct riser. It is a vertical duct connecting two floors. This way air can be transferred from AC in the roof space to the lower level through a duct fitted in a false wall. During the summer months, the system cools the air inside your house, and in the winter months, energy efficient heating is provided.


Ducted AC should be fitted in such a way that it allows for cooling different areas at different time. In this way, it can improve efficiency and reduce the running cost. The inverter or the variable speed drive may also be fitted in the air conditioner for controlling the compressor motor as per load requirement.

These units can provide heating of your house in colder climates. It is more useful for the asthma patients as the moisture, dust particles and allergens are removed from your room by dehumidifying mode. It is because it filters out dust particles through a heat pump and it is easier to breathe.

These conditioning units have a heat pump. During summer, these heat pumps use electricity for moving heat energy from the air present inside the room to the outside and thus cooling the room. In the winter season, the heat energy is transferred from outside to the inside of your home. This way, one can gain up to 5kW of heat energy from just 1kW of electricity.

Air compressor Brisbane offers a 3-year warranty on air conditioning. They also advise when the next service is due. They hire experienced qualified engineers familiar with problems coming on installing the system. The service provider selected should be available 24X7.