Doctor wants to do a Surgery?

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I am really looking forward to my visit with Dr. Patel at Vitality Chiropractic because he is considered a Nashville Migraine Specialist. I started having migraine headaches after my car accident in 2009 and since then I have been to at least eight different specialists and they can't figure out what is causing my migraines.  There was actually one doctor who wanted to do a some kind of surgical procedure to see if that would help me with migraines.

All they give me is prescription for medication and send me home. And those prescription medications work for few weeks then they don't work so I have been looking for alternative way to treat my headaches. I heard about Dr. Patel from my sister who works at Achieve Medical Weight Loss Clinic, she told me that she had been suffering from migraines headaches for two years before she got relief from his treatment. She told me that within few weeks of treatment at his office she started seeing difference in frequency and intensity of migraines. She said he uses the latest technology to properly diagnose his patients’ symptoms and design a treatment plan.  I am hoping he can do same thing for me too because I can't live with these headaches anymore.