Diatomaceous food grade – Is this really safe to use for animals?

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Diatomaceous food grade is highly beneficial for human being but is it safe for animals when it is so harmful for insects? As the particles present in this product are very tiny and they functions only at microscopic level. Therefore its sharp edges only are harmful for smaller insects that can easily be cut. When insects move on this product, it slowly rubs against their bodies and cuts their outer shells. Even the tissues of intestines and stomach are not affected by the sharp edges as their particles are too small. Therefore it is completely safe for animals to consume.

Diatomaceous earth contains silica, magnesium, iron and sodium that easily make this perfectly fine to digest. It is mainly used to remove parasites and worms in livestock and pets. Some of its important features are:

  • It engrosses liquid and heat resistant
  • Act as natural insecticide’s to keep the infections out
  • Reduces the foul smell
  • Slight rough
  • Water percolation support
  • Effortlessly edible
  • Fights against parasites
  • Stored grain free from parasites

You must use food grade diatomaceous earth supplement very carefully as it can irritate your eyes and skin after long period of contact. You should also be careful in distributing it throughout your garden area too deeply as it can also destroy off useful garden areas like lady bugs, bees, and earthworms.