Diatomaceous Earth – An Amazing Creation of Nature

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Silicon is considered to be an element that is required for the human body as it helps for bone growth. It is also used to prevent various diseases like chronic disease. The important compound that is composed of the silicon dioxide is the Diatomaceous Earth that is gaining more popularity day by day.  The silalive pure diatomaceous earth powder is the compound that plays an important role in preventing various diseases from the human body as it is enriched with the silicon.

Diatomaceous Earth is composed of small diatoms that are cylindrical in shape and made up of silicon dioxide. These are negatively charged that easily attract and absorb the fungi, viruses and pesticides.  They perform the vacuum cleaner type action that kill and clean the fungi. This results in the healthy colon of the person. Some of the DE also helps to destroy the bad fats by directly absorbing in the blood vessel.

Some of the benefits of DE are-

1) It helps in lowering of the blood pressure.

2) To maintain healthy blood sugar level.

3) It helps in formation of the collagen which helps to get the youthful skin.

4) It helps to cure various injuries like itching, rashes etc.

5) Helps in getting healthier gums and teeth.