Choosing the Right Cable Tie for the Right Purpose

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Typical cable ties are generally manufactured from nylon 6.6 since it is very strong, wear resistant and have exceptionally well fatigue strength and are help to bind cords or wires. They come in various sizes from pint-sized for small piles to longer and more durable for bulky clusters. Every single tie has notched “teeth” on one tip, which is locked inside the other end of the strip, looking like a head.

Courtesy: liberco-intl

Coloured Cable Ties are available in a number of different dimensions, materials and shades and are exceptionally durable and multipurpose, especially when anybody wants to lock any item. They generally come in a variety of colours ties like red, yellow, green, blue, white, black and silver and are especially helpful where coding is compulsory, or wherever they should be noticeable in contrast to its backgrounds. Contrariwise, coloured cable ties may well be used when identical colours are essential. They have lots of usages and are perfect for factories and workshops and home. Their wide-ranging features are enlisted below:

1. Sturdy construction with excellent tensile strength.

2. Comes with teeth grip which does not come loose.

3. Mostly comes with combustibility rating of UL94 class V2, and are UV resistant.

4. Simple to set up.

5. Most of the ties come with manual adjustment.

6. Maximum cable ties fasten enduringly, but some that can be unfastened without real cutting.

7. They can be custom-made as per usability; for example, extra heavy-duty ties are for severer environment.

Based on these general features cable ties are chosen.